Automatic Case Packer Order for PHS

PHS have recently commissioned a fully automatic Hamson Engineering Case packer to pack 10 ltr plastic bottles of food grade oil. The new line was easliy installed and up and running within days of being delivered. The stainless steel construction is ideal for the food and beverage industry. It is unique in the fact that we erect a standard American case and bring it down over the collation below which we pre prepare upstream. The packer is very compact and erects, packs and seals the case all in one machine of approx 900mm wide x 4500mm in length. The machine can handle up to 25 cpm.

It takes up very little valuable floor space and generally fits where conventional case erectors, drop packers and sealers used to be. There are many such packers in the UK which can be viewed if required.


Case Packer

Automatic Case Packer