The solution in the attached layout uses a stretch hooding machine as a cage wrapper. It makes a hood from a large reel of tubular film and cuts and heat seals the top of the hood. The benefits of a cage wrappers are as follows:

  • Tamper proof wrapping possible, as the hood is complete and covers the whole cage or pallet
  • Low level film feed system, so no high level access required
  • Quick to change over film rolls
  • Double head machine can hold 2 film reels either of different dimensions or the same size for a reserve reel
  • No heat required to shrink the hood, so its economical and safe to operate
  • The hooder uses no pneumatics or hydraulics. Plus we do not need to lift up the cage or pallet to have the film underneath, no compromise with load stability
  • Film can be colour coded for different depots or products
  • Film surface is flat which is great for labelling
  • If using clear film you have full visibility of the product inside if required
  • Hoods are made to suit the cage height, so it is very economical and wastes no film
  • Hood can be drawn underneath the cage if required
  • Films can be as low as 20 microns gauge, we have already trialled this film, normally film is around 40 micron for example
  • The layout attached relies on hand fed cages up a ramp, then the cages are auto fed into the hooder and fed out automatically
  • The operator will then remove the wrapped cage down the ramp. Or we can feed automatically to a buffer store conveyor or vehicle loader or shuttle system etc.
  • The ‘Dino’ machine is made in Holland and PHS are the sole UK agents based in Burnley, we will service your machine fully from UK.
  • Finally for the time being, the ‘Dino’ is very competitively priced, simple and reliable.



Dino Stretch Hooder pdf brochure, please click on the link below.

PHS-F3 Design Stretch Hooder pdf