Display Palletisers, Bulk Cage Loading and Robotic Layer Preparation Palletisers

Bulk Cage Loading:

Cage Loading

Designed to allow for bulk storage of bottles before labelling and packing:

Display Palletisers:

bag palletising

 They allow customers to palletise their products onto the following: Mu’s, dolly’s, half pallets, into shipper cases. The advantage is good visibility of the product in particular for the Supermarket Chains. Robots are used to pick and place the bottles, bags, bricks of juice, milk bottles or cases onto various types of transportation medium. Complete systems can be supplied by PHS Ltd with loose bottle feed/pack feed conveying systems to feed to the robot row or preparation area. Once collated the products are palletised with base or interlayer sheets as required. Display palletisers are becoming very popular these days. PHS can also integrate automatic pallet wrapping/strapping systems as required.

 Robotic Layer Preparation Palletisers:







Here Robots are used to turn and divide products before being palletised with a conventional layer palletser. The advantage is that we use a modular plastic belt to transport the packs which is low maintenance and has no tracking problems. Once turned packs are formed into a layer and pre conformed in readiness for palletising onto the pallet. High speeds can be achieved even with a low level infeed system, which also avoids having a high level access platform. The system can be added to with more robots as the line speeds increase. We have supplied many of this type of system into the Soft Drinks/Water industry for example.