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Robotic Palletising SystemsSelf Teach Automated Guided VehiclesCobot Palletiser

Robotic Palletising Systems

Tailoured solutions to your needs.

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Self Teach Automated Guided Vehicles

Vast experience in end of line automation

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Cobot Palletiser

End of line automatic palletiser

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Egg Industry

Robotic Palletising Solutions for The Egg Industry

Phoenix are renowned in the Egg industry for supplying high quality and unique robotic palletising solutions to handle multiple lines. For example the MP35 mobile robot can handle up to 8 inputs and 8 palletising positions, with a common infeed to handle all case sizes, we bar code scan the products and sort them into the accumulation lanes.

Empty pallets can be manually placed or we can supply a transfer car system to collect a pallet from a magazine and then feed it into the allocated cell. Interlayer or base sheets are accommodated by means of fingers on the robot tooling to pick from multiple magazines and deliver the sheet either direct onto the wooden pallet or between the layers as required.

PHS also supply Fanuc or ABB robot based systems for a limited number of pallet positions, ie typically up to 4 pallet building positions, the systems can also pick empty pallets and slip/base sheets. All PHS systems are designed, built and tested at our ‘Principle Suppliers’ factory, with a pre delivery acceptance test being compulsory for the customer to see their system in action before delivery to site.

PHS are present in the following companies for example:

  • Noble Foods
  • STC Packers
  • Stonegate Farmers
  • The Oaklands
Multi Line Robotic Palletising System

Multi Line Robotic Palletising System









 Costi MP 35 Mobile Robot 3






Typical 7-8 station single robot palletising system for eggs, with empty pallet placing and interlayer sheets

Costi MP35 Mobile Robot 1







Costi MP35 Mobile robot system


High Speed Pick & Place Robot

High Speed Pick & Place Robot

Robotic Palletisers

                                    Articulated robotic palletisers are supplied by Trascar srl Italy. The range includes […]

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PHS Cobot Palletiser

  PLEASE CLICK ON THE LINK BELOW TO VIEW BROCHURE PHS – SRP Cobot pdf brochure (Please click on the link below) PHS Hyundai SRP COBOT Brochure Cobots are the […]

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Stretch Wrapping Machines

Pallet Wrapping Machines by Tosa Group See our New General PDF Brochure just click the link below: TOSA_Stretch_wrapping_technology NEWS: PHS HAVE LAUNCHED A NEW DEDICATED WEB SITE FOR TOSA STRETCH […]

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Stretch Hooders

THE MOST SIMPLE AND COST EFFECTIVE STRETCH HOODER ON THE MARKET: PHS are able to supply complete ‘Turnkey’ solutions with bag palletisers and stretch hooders, the ‘Dino’ machine below is […]

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Layer Palletisers

Layer Palletising Systems PHS have a full range of Layer Palletisers. Machines range from small end of line dedicated machines, up to the higher speed models supplied by Lorenz Pan, […]

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