ICE Cool Order for PHS

PHS have secured an order with a major ice producer to install a Tosa 125 ring wrapping machine with auto film changer. The machine can change its own stretch film in 20 seconds, which means that the machine does not have to stop at all when a new roll is required to be loaded. Initially the line will be free standing meaning its loaded and unloaded by FLT.

New Compact Robotic Palletising Cell Design

PHS are now able to offer a compact end of line robotic palletising cell with a generic base construction, it means that we can supply it with either a Fanuc, Kuka or Hyundai 4 or 6 axis robot. The cell has 2 building positions and comes complete with entry / exit light barriers and plexi glass perimeter guarding. It is also possible to have up to 2 different layer sheet magazines within the cell, easily accessible either from the right hand building position or a dedicated interlocked access gate to the rear. Various layout configurations are possible with the cell design to suit the customers plant. The product gripper can be either vacuum, side gripping plates or a fork from underneath.

Multi line pallet handling and wrapping installation for plastics industry

PHS have installed a 6 line pallet handling system for conveying loads of cases of plastic waste goods. Each of the 6 stations has a scissor lift which is controlled by the operator to ensure that they are palletising at the optimum height. When they require an empty pallet, they call it via a push button station once the completed pallet has left the station. Empty pallet stacks are pre loaded into one of two magazines to be dispenesed as and when required. Full loads travel along a common powered roller conveyor to a Tosa fully automatic stretch wrapping machine and eventually to a common outfeed take off position. The wrapping machine attaches the stretch film automatically and then cuts and heat seals the film tail.

AGV & Wrapping Machine Order for Plastics Industry

PHS have installed with our partners F3 Design nl and Tosa Italy, a fully automatic Nipper AGV and pallet wrapping system, The pallets are collected from the various production lines by means of the operator calling the AGV via a button on a smart phone. Then the Nipper arrives to remove the palletised load to the Tosa wrapping machine. When at the machine there is a lifter to raise up the loads to a height of 500mm before they enter for top sheet placing and wrapping. Pallets can also be loaded via a hand pallet truck if required. Once wrapped the loads are removed by an flt for vehicle loading or storage. The products are plastic injection mouldings for various sectors.

Roll Wrapping Machine Order for Major Non Woven Producer

PHS have recently installed a very large axial roll wrapping machine for a global producer, it handles rolls of 2600mm dia down to 1400mm dia x a width of 1600mm. The line consists of pole truck loading and clamp truck unloading, with the conveyors being made of plastic modular belt design. Previously the client used to place a loose polythene bag over the product which was very time consuming and did not offer the same air tight protection as stretch film. Once loaded the rolls transfer to the wrapping position and the film is applied automatically. Following wrapping the film tail is then automatically cut and heat sealed.

Cobot Palletiser for Plastics Industry

PHS have recently installed a Cobot palletiser to handle 2.5 and 5 ltr plastic containers, it can palleitse up to 24 per minute when operating at 6 cycles per min. The machine also places interlayer sheets when required. Having 2 building positions means that its easy to change over a pallet whilst the Cobot is running thanks to it entering into slow motion until the safety system is re set via the operator. As the base is made from stainless steel, its ideal for the food, beverage, pharma or plastics sectors. Payback is very quick, generally within 12 months.