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Robotic Palletising SystemsSelf Teach Automated Guided VehiclesCobot Palletiser

Robotic Palletising Systems

Tailoured solutions to your needs.

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Self Teach Automated Guided Vehicles

Vast experience in end of line automation

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Cobot Palletiser

End of line automatic palletiser

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Semi Automatic Pallet Wrappers

Atecmaa Packaging







PHS are UK agents for the French manufacturer Atecmaa, they produce a large range of semi automatic pallet wrappers. Pallet wrappers can be supplied to use from 9 microns to 23 microns film gauge and have variable programs available, easy load film carriage, auto top of load sensing, lockable controls etc. Machines can be supplied infloor or above floor as required. We also have a range of semi auto rotating arm models ideal for the logistics industry for order picked loads which can be unstable. In this case the load remains stationery whislt the film rotates around the load at low speed, the cell is fully guarded with safety mesh and a light barrier at the entry/exit position.

Please click on a pdf brochure below, then contact PHS on 0845 265 7570 for a quotation, machines generally in stock according to the model.

New for 2015, the perfect wrapping machine for the Logistics market

Atecmaa Cube Semi Automatic Arm Stretch Wrapping Machine (Ideal for the logistics / warehouse industry)

Atecmaa GX1 semi auto turntable model

Atecmaa semi auto turntable model GX1.1 (Electro Magnetic Film Brake)

Atecmaa semi auto turntable model GX3.1 (Power Pre Stretching up to 250%)

Atecmaa GX2.52 programmable machine (Power Pre Stretching up to 150% & Programmable)

Atecmaa GX3.52 Turntable Wrapping Machine (Power Pre Stretching up to 250% % Programmable)



                Tamper proof operation                Ergonomic run up ramp design     Programmable HMI

     Programmable HMI

for varying wrap formats               Lockable controls                  Run up ramp or infloor


 Easy film threading system






Easy film threading systems with no finger traps, quick and simple!

 Automatic cycle machine


Possibility to program different wrap formats

(like an automatic machine)

Robotic Palletisers

                                    Articulated robotic palletisers are supplied by Trascar srl Italy. The range includes […]

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PHS Cobot Palletiser

  PLEASE CLICK ON THE LINK BELOW TO VIEW BROCHURE PHS – SRP Cobot pdf brochure (Please click on the link below) PHS Hyundai SRP COBOT Brochure Cobots are the […]

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Stretch Wrapping Machines

Pallet Wrapping Machines by Tosa Group See our New General PDF Brochure just click the link below: TOSA_Stretch_wrapping_technology NEWS: PHS HAVE LAUNCHED A NEW DEDICATED WEB SITE FOR TOSA STRETCH […]

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Stretch Hooders

THE MOST SIMPLE AND COST EFFECTIVE STRETCH HOODER ON THE MARKET: PHS are able to supply complete ‘Turnkey’ solutions with bag palletisers and stretch hooders, the ‘Dino’ machine below is […]

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Layer Palletisers

Layer Palletising Systems PHS have a full range of Layer Palletisers. Machines range from small end of line dedicated machines, up to the higher speed models supplied by Lorenz Pan, […]

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