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Robotic Palletising SystemsSelf Teach Automated Guided Vehicles

Robotic Palletising Systems

Tailoured solutions to your needs.

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Self Teach Automated Guided Vehicles

Vast experience in end of line automation

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Warehouse & Automation Systems


PHS are the sole UK agents for Trascar spa Italy and F3 Design Nederlands, we supply complete warehouse and automation solutions if required. We can provide solutions with single, double or triple deep storage if required. We can also offer a satellite system with up to 9 deep pallet positions. We provide the complete solution with racking, cranes, pallet handling conveyors, AGV’s (Automated Guided Vehicles), software etc.

  • Racking systems
  • Stacker cranes
  • Automated Guided Vehicles (AGV’s)
  • Satellite or double/triple length fork type solutions for single, double or triple deep storage
  • Minimising floor space and headroom
  • Pallet handling conveyors and shuttles
  • Robotic palletising or de palletising systems
  • Gantry robot systems
  • Case, tote or tray handling conveyors
  • Communication with customers ERP/SAP warehouse management software


Nipper AGV







  • Easy to learn self teach system, with no need to contact PHS or F3 for modifications unless required, system can be up and running within 2 hours of delivery.
  • Blue Botics ‘Ant Technology) software developed over the last 15 years is very well proven world wide
  • 15 minute self fast charge, with battery level monitoring system
  • Up to 8 hours of battery life from charge
  • 4 years of battery life time possible
  • Compact and very small turning circle
  • Simple to operate and low maintenance
  • 50 metre scanning range, with safety features inbuilt
  • Lifting capacity of up to 1200kg
  • Speed of between 2km up to 4km
  • Using Wi-Fi to navigate
  • I/O possibilities to give signals to peripheral equipment.
  • Free Traffic Management Software with all future updates also free of charge.
  • On site demonstration possible


Example of a complete solution possible:


Robotic Palletisers

                                    Articulated robotic palletisers are supplied by Trascar srl Italy. The range includes […]

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De Palletisers

De-Palletisers | Robots, Pick & Place & Sweep Off   The PHS range of De palletisers consists of the following  technologies : Gantry pick & place robots Robotic de palletising […]

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Stretch Wrapping Machines

Pallet Wrapping Machines by Tosa Group See our New General PDF Brochure just click the link below: TOSA_Stretch_wrapping_technology NEWS: PHS HAVE LAUNCHED A NEW DEDICATED WEB SITE FOR TOSA STRETCH […]

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Stretch Hooders

THE MOST SIMPLE AND COST EFFECTIVE STRETCH HOODER ON THE MARKET: PHS are able to supply complete ‘Turnkey’ solutions with bag palletisers and stretch hooders, the ‘Dino’ machine below is […]

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Layer Palletisers

Layer Palletising Systems PHS have a full range of Layer Palletisers. Machines range from small end of line dedicated machines, up to the higher speed models supplied by Lorenz Pan, […]

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