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New High Tech Stretch Film Technology    Superior strength with low micron gauge

PHS are pleased to announce that they have been selected to promote and sell the new high tech ‘Fibre Film’ which is the state of the art new stretch film with superior stretch qualities and can be as thin as 10 microns.

PHS recommends fibre film for its machines. Switching to Fibre film will help offset the cost of buying a new machine!

Fibre film is designed to dramatically reduce the amount of stretch film you use to wrap your pallets whilst increasing the load holding and stability of them.

When applied by machine you can see up to a 60% reduction in the amount of film used compared to a 23mu standard cast machine film.

Fibre film is the future of stretch film! Because of its exceptional high strength characteristics and money saving benefits Fibre-film will replace the old style stretch film in the UK within a very short space of time.

In machine form is can be stretched up to 300% and beyond with excellent puncture resistance as a result of the parallel fibres running through the film.

Why not allow PHS to take good care of the complete package with film and machine supply means that your products are wrapped safely with superior load retention and high cost savings, whether its a semi auto turntable machine or fully automatic the savings can be huge. We would be happy to provide you with a free trial roll of film to try if required. Just call 0845 265 7570 and asl for Andrew Lawless and we can arrnage to deliver a roll to you to see for yourself how good this new technology film really is.


PHS Fibre Film

Hand Wrap Range:

FF 17 hand wrap spec sheet

FF 20 manual hand wrap spec sheet

FF 23 manual hand wrap spec sheet

Hand Wrap Fiber Film

Core Brake Machine Film (NO Power Pre Stretch) (Alpha Series):

Alpha_new for Core Brake Machines

FF 20 alpha specification sheet for Core Brake Machines

FF 23 alpha specification for Core Brake Machines

Semi & Fully Automatic Wrapping Machine Films for Power Pre Stretch Machines (Alpha/Beta Series):

Beta new for PPS Machines up to 170% Stretch

TDS Beta 150 specification sheet 170% maximum PPS

FF Gamma 220 Specification Sheet up to 240% pps

FF Gamma-L 220 Specification Sheet up to 240% pps

GAMMA 220 new up to 220% pps

GAMMA-GP 220 new up to 220% pps

GAMMA-L 220 new up to 240% pps

TDS Gamma GP220 up to 260% pps