Worlds Fastest Pallet Stretch Wrapping Machine Unveiled at Drinktec Munich

This month PHS travelled to Munich to be present on the Tosa spa stand to promote the latest high speed ring machine known as ‘Savitar’ named after an Indian God. The machine can run at speeds of up to 80 RPM if required, with its ‘Patented’ fully automatic film reel changer as standard, whereby we change the film roll only in 30 seconds only, saving hours of precious downtime. The machine is state of the art when it comes to technology and reliability utilising the latest high efficiency components with sealed for lifr bearings, timing belts without the need for chains, idwal for the food and beverage industries. The machine enables the operator to change the film tension of pre stretch on the fly via the HMI touch screen. This is especially a great feature when wrapping delicate loads or loads at random which require different wrapping formats.

Now a days we also employ the use of ‘Predicative Maintenance’, this feature means that the machine is monitored for wear and tear and can notify the technicians of a possible problem well in advance to avoid costly breakdowns and loss of time. The actual part to be changed is displayed on the HMI and also on a remote tablet if required, nothing like this has been realised in the past and makes for a great feature which will pay huge dividends.

If you have high outputs, little floor space for more than one machine and want the worlds most advanced machine, here it is ‘Savitar’ by Tosa spa. Tel: 0845 265 7570